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Today, I’d like to talk about how to correctly focus on your business. Focusing on getting good at one thing or focusing on doing one thing well at a time will get you further in your network marketing business than anything else.

You can be told to focus, but do you really know how? That’s what today’s letter is about – helping you learn the art of focus for network marketing success. Here are my top five tips on how to focus on your MLM business:

  1. FOCUS ON THE BIG PICTURE. Put your prospects or customers ahead of any quota you are trying to achieve. When you do this, you’re truly focusing on helping the prospect. In the long run you will have better customers and better distributors.

  2. ONE PROSPECT AT A TIME. Give each prospect his/her own index card or sheet in your notebook. That way your mind won’t drift to the next phone call on your list.

  3. ONE OBSTACLE AT A TIME. You can’t eat with two forks. Devote your attention to one task at a time. You will accomplish more in the end. Think about it like working on a complex math equation. If you try to solve the problem all at once, the answer comes out wrong. Same goes for a prospect. If you try to solve all their obstacles at once, you’ll get frustrated. They’ll get frustrated and you’ll get nowhere fast.

  4. BREAK DOWN YOUR GOALS You can document your progress when you take each goal a step at a time. When you’re breaking down goals, be sure to break them into actionable items you can track.

  5. ONE DAY AT A TIME  Network Marketing is a wild roller coaster.  Every new distributor goes through it. You will too. Every millionaire in network marketing went through it. You will too, This is the number one reason why new distributors leave Network Marketing. Just about all new distributors go through this challenge. We call it the “Network Marketing Emotional Roller Coaster” and it can be an interesting ride during the frustrating times in this profession. So take this business one day, one call, one email, one moment at a time.