Income Producing Activities In Network Marketing

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In this business, there are countless activities that someone can do to be busy. But busy does not mean they are doing the right business building activities. I always ask…Are you being active, or are you being productive? 

Recruiting and developing

I often tell my team that recruiting and developing are the:




Because recruiting and developing will fill your ATM at the end of the month!

I break down recruiting and developing into 4 categories:

1. Contact and Invite

2. Present Opportunity~ Give the enough information to collect a decision

3. Sponsor/ Enroll. The paperwork is easy. Then you go to work!

4. 3 Way Calls

I can’t wait to spend the next couple weeks going into more depth for each of these topics so stay tuned. If you and your team are doing these 4 activities DAILY you will propel your business forward.

In this wonderful profession we are united by mission but DRIVEN by the impact of what we can do for others. Although you may not love every part of the 4 categories to produce an income, remember that YOU make a difference. YOUR voice. You must remind yourself daily and want it with every part of your heart.

BE courageous bold and fearless in the pursuit of your dreams. BELIEVE, BELONG AND BECOME MORE. Be a force for good in the world and better people’s lives.

I wish you all the success you believe you deserve and are willing to work for!~XO Deni